Miss Sadie’s Place

Welcome to the renovation blog of our Colonial Revival Home in Coldwater, Mississippi.  Our house is known in town as Miss Sadie’s Place, after the original owner’s wife, Sadie Veazey.

The house wasn’t added to the tax records until 1910, so that is the first recorded date we have to go by.  However, there is a photo postcard dated back to 1883, of a smaller version of the house the owners before us acquired through the owners before them.  Unfortunately the postcard was unintentionally sold in the estate sale prior to our purchase of the house.  We feel sure our local historical society will be able to help us relocate these and will keep you posted.

In 1942, the town of Coldwater, Mississippi, was moved a mile South to make way for the Arkabutla Dam, a necessity for flood control after The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927.  If you have seen the movie “O Brother!  Where Art Thou?”, this is the dam and area flooding loosely referred to in that film.

The Veazey’s built a basement at the current property in 1942, installed a giant of a furnace, then set the house on top of it.  One of the projects we will undertake in this blog is removing and replacing this furnace, which takes up most of the basement, is 25% efficient and requires parts no longer made.