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Let’s see how long it takes her to notice.

My super BFF since pre-pubescence, Billie Anne, recently posted “the best wings she ever had” on Facebook. They are her own recipe, but it all apparently happened in a trance. Here’s the back-and-forth, which I plan to test in my kitchen someday.

Perhaps, if she runs across this entry and repeats the recipe with notes, we’ll have a shared experience. Otherwise, see what you can do with what we’ve got!

Billie Anne

The best wings I’ve ever had? MY OWN!

Chelle Ellis

Make with the recipe!

Billie Anne

I don’t have a recipe…I like to pretend I am Justin Wilson and heavily season the wings with what is in front of me whilst I sing ahtsuhmatta! Justin would have been funny with an occasional ahtsuhmatta!

Yes…I still sing ahtsuhmatta sometimes while I cook!

Chelle Ellis

Maybe you channeled Justin. Get him back so we can get the recipe!

Billie Anne

no measurements, I go by how it smells.

Garlic salt, onion powder, chili powder, smoked paprika, and sometimes cayenne. A touch of canola oil to help spread the seasoning. I use my air fryer to crisp them up (another reason for the canola oil). They are so good even without any sauce. I don’t make the wing sauce. I buy Sweet Baby Rays sauces. These were sauced with a mix of Buffalo and sweet teriyaki sauces. So they were sweet and hot!

Chelle Ellis

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