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De-Spidering The Workshop

Yesterday was so awesome! We closed on the house and I walked on air all day and slept on a cloud that night. But it was time to come back down to earth, and get to work on the one place I haven’t been able to get into until yesterday: the big workshop out back!

The upstairs attic is a great place for storage, but the whole building has been a winter home for squirrels and every acorn they ever thought about. It’s also apparently been some kind of mecca for spiders…

I am fascinated by insects, I study them every chance I get. So I am not generally nervous about approaching the creepy crawlies. But spiders.. that takes some mental preparation!

I was bitten by a jumping spider in the bathtub when I was 5 years old, so I’ve had challenges with them most of my life. But I made a point to educate myself on them because knowledge is power, right?

So there was my knowledgeable self trying to sweep up and out at least a trillion spiders! I don’t understand how it is possible that they didn’t gang up on me and bite me to death, but somehow, I made it out alive, and in one piece. In my nightmares, however, they are probably all coming back for me!

“This one’s for squishy!”, they’ll whisper as they sink all fifty gazillion fangs into my face.

I’ll have to worry about that later, though. I don’t really have time for phobias right now!

I didn’t stop to take photos of the mess in the main workshop area, since my brain was fully focused on the spiders! But here’s a before shot of the attic, and I hope you’ll just trust that the whole thing was a huge amount of work and mess.

There weren’t as many in the attic. I can only guess that spiders hate stairs… That part wasn’t mentioned in any of the articles I read.

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