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Paint Gonna Do It!

Oscar.  Mike.  Golf.

I haven’t written anything in this blog since JULY of last year.

No, I am not dead.   In fact, I am feeling great and raring to get to work on Sadie!

Time away was crucial to break a lot of stress-coping habits that kill you, but now I return to you:

  • A non-smoker:  I quit smoking years ago but picked it back up for a few years while life was kicking the shit out of us.  Kenny and I both quit for good last July and feel better than ever.
  • Thinner:  Of course when you quit smoking, you replace cigarettes with lots of unhealthy oral options and I gained fifteen pounds.  But we have now both dropped the weight after changing our eating habits and walking three miles a day.
  • Scaffolding:  We bought scaffolding to repaint the house exterior, and that makes me feel all special.

I know, I know.  Every blog you read is probably blathering on about living right, and convincing you and themselves they have their shit together…  Spring brings this out in everyone, it seems.

I absolutely NEVER have my shit together and exist exclusively by the skin of my teeth.  I am not sure I can recommend it, but it works well enough for me, all my life.

But let’s talk about SADIE today.  

“Finally!”, I hear and join your chorus of bored relief from dreary subject matter.

Today, Kenny painted the old vents on the roof, in hammered copper.  We are prepping to paint the house after six years of avoiding it.  Originally, we were going to repaint her yellow.. but mostly because I didn’t want to repaint both out buildings to match.

I think you know my supportive feelings towards most opportunities of procrastination; but Kenny and I agree if we are doing this much work, we would like to see big changes.  Once again laziness pays off!  Imagine if we had already painted Sadie yellow, years ago..

If I had MY way, we would be painting Sadie the most gorgeous hue of chartreuse, that I could find.  Sadly, Kenny HATES chartreuse.  So I played around in Photoshop with a color we’ll call “sage” even though it looks like a full sibling of chartreuse.

Kenny didn’t go for it.. so chartreuse/sage was immediately off the table.  He also doesn’t like poodles, even though I would love to have a miniature poodle.  So I have told him the second he dies, I am going poodle shopping.  I may have to add repainting the house chartreuse to that list.

I like my roux and my humor as dark as possible, so I decided to give dark exterior paint a try:

A striking contrast for sure.. but it feels just a little too colonial for me.  Plus I think I wore out the red rods and cones in my eyes in the early aughts, when I thought everything should be painted red.

Historically, blue and I have a complicated relationship.  It usually feels too nursery, too denim, too green,  red or something in between.  I painted the den in my old house in layers of cobalt and cerulean and I loved it!  But a house exterior can’t rely on layers, you really need to love the main color.

As always, the perfect blue only lives in the deranged folds of my brain.

So it probably won’t be blue, but it might be freaking gray.. which I was dead-set against, initially.. 

But LOOK at Valspar’s color of the year:  Renew Blue 8003-37D  It’s really more of a blue.. or maybe a bley.. which is also weird considering everything I typed earlier.  But today, I like renew blue the most, and with the dark grey shudders.

We will also be getting the giant picture window installed before or midway through the painting, which I have added in my Photoshop mock-ups.

Maybe my decisions are being influenced by my vacation in Florida last month.  Or maybe that just looks sharp as a tack, especially against the red brick and the colors of the roof.

AND: if I wanted to paint my shutters and door red, I could do that because renew blue can take it!

Now we just have to agree on a color then get our asses on the new scaffolding and do it!  Stay tuned!

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