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Sadie’s Old House – Coldwater, Mississippi

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Egads! Here I am a month after I first went missing for six weeks. Silly Segue: Can you tell I am a child of the Sunday funnies? GADZOOKS! No, I wasn't abducted by aliens (you do know I am KIDDING,...

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Neighborhood Fire

Nothing like a neighborhood fire to break up the Sunday monotony. Happening right now, around the corner from us and down the street, on Forest Circle, in Coldwater. The house has been empty and abandoned for a few years, so...

ColdwaterKenny's BlogNeighbors

Die Trash Can!

Someone took out my trash can last night and left everything scattered down the street. It was probably about 75 lbs and they knocked it a good 125 feet. Surely, it messed up their grill pretty good. Didn’t do my...

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Gold Finches

Gold Finches are visiting. There were two pair trying to eat at feeder, along with house finch, cardinals, and a junco all at one time. I couldn’t manage to get them all in a single picture....

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There's a pileated woodpecker, hammering happily in the neighbor's pine tree this morning. ?? No, that isn’t it at the top of this page. But if you didn’t know what a pileated woodpecker looks like in flight, now you do!...

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I've mentioned before that we live in the migratory bird path, and we get a ton of hummingbirds in September. In fact, 40 miles East of us in Holly Springs, Mississippi, is where the Hummingbird Festival takes place every September...

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