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Upstairs Bathroom


How can someone be so bad at hanging wallpaper, yet so confident to glue the hell out of it. I’m removing wallpaper from the upstairs bathroom this weekend. My mood won’t improve.

Update: March 27, 2019

After six weeks of what felt like CONSTANT work, the upstairs bathroom is finally done!

Can I say, that I am sick to death of wallpaper?! Removing it from the bathroom walls (why?) was a task beyond tedious, even with the aid of a borrowed steamer.. (Thank you, Mitch & Michelle!) The installer of that mess had to know it was going to get wet and steamy in the bathroom, and wallpaper hates, wet and steamy.. right?

And you would think that all that wet and steamy would mean that it would come right off: HAHAHAHAHA! Nope.

I painted the walls with a couple of gallons of flat paint, to hide the janky plaster. The color I had was way too dark for this room, so I added a gallon and a half of basic white flat paint to it. How fun, to drag out the big paint mixing tool and monster drill, and get paint everywhere!

I had most of the accessories on hand already, but added a couple of aluminum pieces in, when I decided to include old blue Ball canning jars with tin lids into the design. This decision helped to combine sea glass green with medium turquoise, maturing the baby nursery blue tile that is thrown in the mix of yellow and pink.

We didn’t change the tile and have no plans to, unless at some point giant cracks force our hand. Part of the charm of buying an old house is that it has all these fancy features in it already. Unless some boob came in and replaced it all with box store crap. (see sink and cabinet.. no, we didn’t do this!)

I did have to take a razor to the narrowest inch of a wall of tile that someone had painted over. I really don’t understand why the last painter couldn’t be bothered to tape it off. I mean, someone cut all these tiles into one inch pieces and installed them, and you can’t edge it out when you paint?

I also lined the cabinets with the same wallpaper that was originally in Clayton’s bedroom upstairs. There was an extra roll of this wallpaper in the closet when we bought the house, so I put it to use. This is the only place I would want it, but I really love seeing it here.

Anyway, it’s all done and my mood has improved, even though you might not be able to tell from this post. 🙂

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