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Citizen Schuety Balsac

I remember filling something out months ago, I thought might incur some junk mail, so as a quick indicator for me to drop it directly in the trash. I listed my name as “Schuety Balsac”. I didn’t think they’d take me seriously.

I opened it and it refreshed my memory. It was from some “church” in Indiana requesting donations for faith seeding to receive a prayer cloth.. The “prayer rug” they sent in the first correspondence was a folded up 10 x 14 sheet of news print type paper with a black and white image of Jesus that I was supposed to pray on and send back. I penciled him in some stoner eyelids, a doo rag, and a wafting joint dangling from his lips before mailing it back in their SASE.

I’m really surprised they wrote back again! 🙂

Kenny Ellis
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