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Chelle bought this chair. We just noticed this. Does anyone else see the face in the chair?

See The Coldwater Creepy Chair! $5 per person! This is gonna be our goldmine, babe! No more sitting in the creepy chair! Off limits.

I’m doing some quick Googling here, but this could very well be the long lost Chair of Turin.

Kenny Ellis

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On September 6, 2017, we bought a 134+ year old Colonial Revival Eclectic known locally in Coldwater, Mississippi, as Ms. Sadie’s Place. We aren’t sure of the age of the house yet; there are old photos dating back to 1883, when she was a much smaller but established version of herself. In 1942, she was moved a mile South, along with the rest of the town of Coldwater (including a massive church) to make way for the Arkabutla Reservoir, built by the WPA in response to the Great…


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