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When I bought the blue chair for our master sitting room, I knew it would need an ottoman, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on one that wasn’t right for it. Luckily, I ran across a damaged storage ottoman at a surplus store and started thinking about how I could make it better fit my style. It was your basic grey storage cube/ottoman.. BUT it had a rip in the fabric.. BUT that rip wouldn’t be visible with the project I had in mind.. AND I got it for nine bucks. Have you seen how much these things are going for now? Unreal! I understand, I’m cheap, but come on!

I planned to spiff the ottoman up to suit my Bohemian soul, so I ordered five Indian sari patchwork pillow covers off ebay for cheap enough. I have always loved Indian saris, and years ago, I decorated the entire lobby ceiling of my old web design business in them (which was a vast improvement to the drop ceiling provided in my commercial space). I ordered 5 pieces of 16″ Indian sari-patchwork pillow covers and put my cover together (yes, a cube has six sides, but who wants beautiful cloth and beads underneath the thing, scratching up the hardwoods).

I put 2 of each of the best matching sizes together for the sides, then kept the smallest one for the top. With the good sides facing each other and in the same direction, I ran the four side pieces through my serging machine, which attached them very securely to one another.

Because I was dealing with different sizes in my side pieces, I knew I would have to attach the top with a sewing machine, to allow for the excessive edge needed to make it fit.

UNFORTUNATELY, I forgot to bring my foot pedal and power cord to my fancy Singer from our old house. Not to be deterred by trifling obstacles, I attached the top with my granddaughter, Izzee’s, Pixie sewing machine. It did the job.. did it do it well? No, of course not, it’s practically a toy! But it will suffice until I get the rest of my good sewing machine here. And it kept me from hand-sewing it, which-I-hate, so thank you, PIXIE! 😀

I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering it was a damaged, cheap storage cube to begin with.


If you would like to recreate a similar ottoman, you will need the following materials: 

Ottoman/Storage Cube:
12 Inch Foldable Storage Ottoman Cube Footstool

Sari Pillow Covers:
Five Matching 16" Beaded Patchwork Sari Accent Throw Pillow Cover

Sewing Machine
Sewing Needles
Matching Thread
  • Pair 2 covers that match in size to make up the sides, keeping the smallest cover for the top.
  • With the patchworked/beaded sides facing each other and in the same direction, run the four sides through your sewing machine, attaching them securely together.
  • Attach the top with a sewing machine or by hand, to allow for the larger (measure) edge needed to make it fit.
  • Slip the bottomless cube you made over the top of your ottoman/storage cube.

Chelle Ellis

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