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Bon Temps Poulet


I finally got my beautiful piece, created by ceramic/mixed media artist, Linda Berman, (one of my favorite artists, ever!) put up in the breakfast nook today.

Can you believe I bought this piece months before we bought this house? I wasn’t even sure where I would be able to put it because I have long ago run out of wall space at the other house in Southaven!

But while visiting New Orleans, we met Linda for lunch, and I picked it up from her then, several months after buying it.

It looks like it was made especially for this room! I’m originally from Louisiana, so the New Orleans theme (and chickens apparently!) always runs rampant in my kitchens. But I like to think it’s just another piece of evidence suggesting we were always meant to buy this house!

ALSO: Don’t you love my cheap oops paint I got at Lowe’s for $30 for 5 gallons? Would you believe, they gave me a $40 rebate printed out on the receipt? So Lowe’s PAID me $10 to take this paint off their hands. Yes, please! 😀

If you remember, this was how it looked with the super busy wallpaper before, and now.. ahhhh

Update: December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas… to ME! Arriving just in time for our Christmas family get together, I got another piece in for the kitchen from artist, Linda Berman. It’s too awesome to explain, I’ll just show you:

Right Over The Fridge! This Concludes My Kitchen Decor, Or Kenny Will Divorce Me!
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