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Laundry Room Table

The haze still has to be wiped off the tile (AND ME!) in a couple of hours, but here’s my laundry table in our 1961 ranch house in Southaven: revamped and tiled. I learned that I can lay tile but I cannot grout it and that it feels like falling off a cliff! Kenny had to save my ass about ten minutes into the grouting. Thanks Babe! ?

Kenny has now started referring to me as “grout grouch”, as I yelled for him in total panic when the grout was trying to dry out on me. The whole process has to be close to trying to will a nuclear bomb into a firecracker!

Grouting is not my specialty. Never again!

The laying of the tile though.. I’m pretty good at that part! Luckily, the math worked out that only one piece of tile had to be cut. So I guess I shouldn’t let my head get too big here.

Tile was never planned in the original build; this table is about 15 years old. But a new coat of paint and tile over the MDF top makes it look brand new!

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