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Sanding Hardwood Floors


Starting sanding the original oak hardwood floors in our 1961 ranch house in Southaven we are getting ready to sell. I rented a floor sander from Home Depot and used 36, 60, then 100 grit sanding discs. Then I sanded the edges the belt sander couldn’t reach with an edge sander. Bending over to drive the edge sander nearly whooped my ass!

This did the job, but… If I had to do it again I’d edge FIRST. This being an orbital sander, and not a “random” orbital, it cuts cross grain as well. So that left me with a visible edge, I’m guessing due the the difference in grain cutting. So now I’m going to go back over the whole floor with one of the big square vibrating type sanders with just 100 grit to blend the edge in. Pain in the ass, but I’m afraid it will show if I don’t.

The next steps will be covering everything with polyurethane.

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