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It’s funny how the right things have found their way into our new home, at times overcoming great obstacles. The first time I remember it happening (outside of passing inspection and the closing, ha!) was when we bought our living room sofa and chair from Facebook Marketplace.


Let me take a quick detour here to try and illustrate my complete addiction and love of Facebook Marketplace (much to Kenny’s dismay!). You can literally (and how I hate the overuse of “literally” but it LITERALLY applies to Facebook Marketplace!!!) find whatever notion that floated in your head within an hour from you. Well… sometimes you have to resort to ebay.


It was right after I learned that the green color in the living room, I didn’t care for initially, was period; and maybe I should rethink painting the whole interior gray… especially since Kenny wasn’t warming up to the idea of gray everywhere.

Then I found it: a reproduction French Provencial sofa and chair from the mid 1960’s in gold and green velvet, and in mint condition! It had been posted for nearly an hour and my heart sank thinking someone may have snagged it before me.

The TV tray side tables were temporary but much needed!

Then there was the price: $400. Would seller take $300? I didn’t have much of a budget to work with, Kenny would need most all we had for the new roof and HVAC.

Seller would not take $300 and I was second in line to buy them. Oh no! So close to the perfect furniture for my living room and it was surely going to the earlier bird.

If I won it, this would of course mean the Henredon sofa will no longer be featured in the parlor. But we could use it in the upstairs guest bedroom (if anywhere at all). With the mounting expenses of restoration and decoration: reupholstering an old sofa is really way down the list of priorities.

Alas! The perfect living room set was destined to be here and I got it. 🙂 And it looks stunning in that room along with the green leather wing back chair with ottoman I also scored from Facebook Marketplace for $75.

These gifts from the universe happened yet again, when Kenny was shopping for a grandfather clock. He’d wanted a grandfather clock since he was a kid, so the quest for the perfect yet price-attainable grandfather clock began.

It came down to two clocks: a German grandfather clock (without much more information than seller’s father bought it in Germany in the 60’s as an antique) that he really liked for $875 and an English grandfather clock for $400, located a couple of hours closer. From our very limited experience, they seemed to be from the same period. Of equal importance, either would go well setting across from a Scottish astragal cabinet I wanted for the entryway.

We decided to go with the $400 English clock, since we are poorer than usual, what with the house acquisition.

So off we went to Greenwood, MS, to buy the English grandfather clock, where sellers threw in a Anchor Hocking luster glass vase in daffodils, setting forth my search of all things daffodil in the process. I have so much more to tell you about how I am bringing daffodils into my decor, but that is for another day. Right now, what I will tell you is, afterwards, I bought several perfect items focusing on yellow and daffodils, and weeks after those decisions, I learned that Miss Sadie’s place blooms each Spring in a five foot span of daffodils along the front Southern edge of the yard that you can literally (haha, sorry!) smell from the street.

All very kismet, and reinforcing my shopping addiction in Facebook Marketplace, ebay and various antique shops. 😀

We bring the clock home and my super bestie, Dana, sold me her antique cabinet (and gave me that lovely antique mirror!), since I was looking for one EXACTLY. LIKE. HERS.

And they looked fabulous together, like they were built on the same day with the same materials by the same maker.

It gets better!

The lady who was selling the German clock is moving to California and contacts Kenny, telling him she would love to give us the clock, believing her father would want it to be in our home.

FLOORED! Kindness and generosity always catches me off guard. I email seller and tell her I would love to give her a painting for her lovely gesture. We meet, she loves my work, we adore her clock, all is great in the world!

So the German grandfather clock is now downstairs in our entryway across from the cabinet and looks even better than the first clock.  The English clock is smaller and will live upstairs at the end of the hall, where it will look perfect with our library.

Chelle Ellis

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