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Washing Machine TV

We haven’t brought a TV down yet, so I’m watching the new Samsung HE washer.


It actually is making me nervous and apprehensive; like when you’re on a carnival ride and dude that put it together is driving; with his Motorhead t-shirt and his meth mouth.

No. This is too fast for a washer to spin. What if a support bearing or something like that went bad while this thing was spinning at Mach 3? It could explode and kill someone.

Or the friction could ignite it into a hot ball of fire! What if this one is actually defective and its not supposed to go this fast at all?

Why did they make this door out of clear glass?!?!? My God!

There will be no clothes washing outside of normal waking hours!

I need a Xanax.

I’m calling the repairman in the morning.

Kenny Ellis
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