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Gas & Electric

I had our gas and electric changed over on the phone. I went down to Coldwater city hall last Friday to have the water changed to our name, telling the clerk we had just bought the house.

Clerk: “Do you have an ID?”
I hand her my MS drivers license.
Clerk: “Ummm…Do you have anything showing you own the house?”
Me: “Some places take a utility bill as proof of residence. I obviously don’t have that yet. Is it a big problem here, people fraudulently switching over other peoples water and paying their bill?”

Blank stare.

Me: “I can bring my closing papers back next week, but they are in Southaven. Will that work?”
Clerk: “Yessir”
Me: “BTW, what day is trash pickup?”
Her: “Friday……or Saturday”
Me: ? “…..ok”

Today I return. Hand her the papers. Fill out her form.

Me: “What is the source of Coldwater’s municipal water supply?”

Her, as she points out the window and I turn to look:
“The water tower.”

Me, as I hand her my debit card for the $80 deposit:
“Mmmm. Where does it come from before it get’s up there?”

Her: “I have no idea, but we only take cash, check or money order.”
Me: ? “I’ll be back in a bit”

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