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I forgot to get the alarm code from the lady we bought the house from.

I accidentally armed it. We were kind of imprisoned in the house. Until I was on the phone and forgot and walked out the back door.

Well….it wasn’t really an accident. I was playing with it. As Chelle says about me “You’re ALWAYS poking a bear with a stick!”

Man this thing is LOUD! ….and continuous.

Did I mention that the lady left for a weeks vacation in Canada the day after we closed?

I hope she occasionally checks her messages. ….and some day… Chelle will see the humor in it all. ???.

Ahem…Love you Babe

Kenny Ellis

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On September 6, 2017, we bought a 134+ year old Colonial Revival Eclectic known locally in Coldwater, Mississippi, as Ms. Sadie’s Place. We aren’t sure of the age of the house yet; there are old photos dating back to 1883, when she was a much smaller but established version of herself. In 1942, she was moved a mile South, along with the rest of the town of Coldwater (including a massive church) to make way for the Arkabutla Reservoir, built by the WPA in response to the Great…


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