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The motor went out on the automatic litter box.

The motor went out on our automatic litter box and I ordered another 2, to have a spare.

The automatic box itself makes having a cat just slightly less of a waste of any intrinsic value one could possibly gain, by choosing to be the life long provider of welfare for these beautiful but loathsome creatures.

Let’s be honest here. You really do not get much more from a cat than you would from just keeping a couple of big pink furry house shoes scattered about your home. You can hold a furry house shoe in your lap and stroke it gently while you’re watching TV. You can even mount one on a broom stick, and let your wife nuzzle your face and ankles with it from the other end of the couch.

In the end, that’s really all you get from a cat. Well, that and a box of turds.

Here’a fact, and you can take this as a fact because, well, as Chelle says, “…the Ellises come from a long line of ‘Knowers’!”

…..but there are “cat people” out there this very instant, happily digging cat turds from a box with a little shovel, while contemplating putting old Mom or Dad in assisted living because they just can’t deal with the rubber sheets and Depends.

I scratch my head. ….but first I’ve gotta go wash my hands.

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