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Replacing Rotted Deck Boards

I’ve been replacing some deck boards and banding on our deck. Chelle had bought our new pup Ziggy an engraved name tag in the shape of a bone. I put it on her collar three days ago.

Chelle informed me yesterday, that Zig, now about 35 lbs, was lying on the deck and she heard her struggling with something, then heard a “clink”. Her tag had slipped through a crack while she was lying down, turned, and hung between the boards. She was able to yank it loose. Not the tag from the boards… the tag from the collar; which then fell to the ground beneath the deck, clinking on something hard under there. ?

This morning, as I’m having coffee in my fleece jammer bottoms and house shoes, cuz thats how I roll, I decide now is the time to fetch it. The deck is about 3’ off the ground and surrounded by lattice, other than an access hole on one end. I’m thinking… quick work!

After 10 minutes of crawling around in the dirt and leaves on my palms and tip toes, scattering leaves, with a 35 lb puppy insisting on crawling beneath me to “help”, nosing into every spot I’d scatter, I couldn’t spot the damned thing anywhere. I crabbed out from under in a sweat, greeted by doofus dog, with that happy look on her face that said “WHATTT FUNNN! Lets do it again!”

I go in, wash my hands, come back out and start some piddly work on the deck. I happen to glance over at nut job. She’s lying in the dirt and happily chomping away on something bright and shiny in the shape of a small bone. I yelled her name, “Ziggy!” She stopped chomping just long enough to give me another look, and I swear to God she said “You are such an idiot!”

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