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Burled Walnut Wardrobe

Last week I bought an old, burled walnut wardrobe off Facebook Marketplace. It replaces the very dark, sawdust-and-glue armoire, that stood there previously. I love how the lighter wood of my new/old wardrobe helps to brighten up the room! Everything feels like it is starting to come together now.. I think it will all feel really copacetic, when the reupholstered sofa is setting against the large wall of windows, beneath era appropriate lighting (that is CENTERED between the two windows of the back wall), and I sand and stain a lighter color onto the legs of the two large dining chairs. 🥰

Here’s a funny story:

The afternoon I bought the wardrobe, I called my sister, Margo, and told her about it.

You may remember reading that my half sister, Margo, and I found each other via ancestry.com, in Fall 2017. We’d never talked to or met each other before then, and were certainly both mature enough to have developed our own aesthetic. All that to say that on the very same day, without knowing the other’s plans, we both bought wardrobes/armoires AND they are really similar in color and tone.

Yup! We’re sisters! ❤️

But before that, was an even FUNNIER story.. well.. funny NOW! About twenty miles into our trip to pick up the wardrobe, Kenny started noticing the alternator was losing power. 😲 He believed we would be okay as long as we didn’t turn off the truck; but after loading and leaving, the indicator showed substantially less power. We made it through three traffic lights, with him revving while on the brakes to increase the RPMs; then had to travel all the way back home on the Interstate going at least 85, or risk the truck going dead. All this, while traveling through a rain storm without being able to use the windshield wipers or turn on the headlights. It took both of us to see the way home, with me looking to see if he could get into the right lane at times, to weave around slower drivers and keep up the speed.

We had no amps and it felt like we were in Apollo 13! I finally started to believe we might not have to be towed home, when we passed a truck hauling a washing machine, right before our exit home.

When we pulled into the driveway, the truck went dead, and there were no amps for Kenny to even roll up his window. Luckily, I’m married to a super resourceful man and DIYer.. he’s already replaced the alternator this week. ❤️

Otherwise, Kenny and I have been loving Spring and the great outdoors… within our acre sized lot, at least.

This Fall, when we retool the enclosed porch into a solarium, we’ll also replace the tile on the front porch. Some of the old tile has fallen off the steps, or has cracked or broken pieces; so it all needs to be replaced. I am hoping for slate! 😍

For now, we decorate the porch with all the plants I managed to not kill over Winter. Post-sale of the Southaven house: I am slowly readjusting to a less stressful life that allows me to garden again.

Here’s a few photos:

I guess that’s all I have to report in this post. We’ve been traveling, hosting friends and enjoying the wonderful weather. That doesn’t leave much time left for home restoration.

Until next time, here’s a photo of plates by our artist friend, Jean Holmgren, installed in our breakfast nook; and a photo of our stray, porch-kitty, Spooky. (She shoulda been named Comet, because LOOK at that white spot in front of her sole, trailing, white whisker!)

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