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Freudian Slip!

This blog entry will stray from the home restoration and decoration content that normally fills its pages. I’m working on a weekend presentation right now, so I simply don’t have time to take on anything “house” this week, and still meet my mark. But, I also need a little break from the monotony of my efforts; so please forgive me, while I shoot the shit to break up the day.

I’ve been watching season four of The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs through AMC+ this week. I’ve followed Joe Bob Briggs for nearly 40 years now, starting with Joe Bob’s Drive-in Theater on The Movie Channel; and then occasionally, on TNT where he hosted Monstervision.

Do I ever love a clean-shaven, well-dressed, and informational cowboy! 😍

If you really know me, this revelation probably floors you. It most certainly isn’t a preference that I announce to the world.

More like a dirty little secret.

I’m a feminist, FFS! And while Joe Bob has evolved with the times, his earlier broadcasts could be sexist and cringe-worthy.

But the heart wants what it wants.. what can you do?

And George Strait.. OMG! Also, WTF?

I was eating dinner with my mother a few months back when a George Strait song played throughout the restaurant. She broke my daydream, asking, “What are you thinking about, right now?”.

I explained, repeating what I have above. Mom surmised I’m this way because my dad always dressed up in his cowboy boots and hat.. kept himself clean-shaven.. and if he was anything at all, it was informative!

Oh Freud, you f*cker!

Also, I was born in Texas.

Raised in Louisiana.. but BORN in Texas. And I remember during the first few years of grade school, pridefully advising of that fact; which removed me from “them”. Not that I had anything against “them”, but I didn’t feel that I belonged “there”, for the most part.

Additionally, I’m a cinephile.. but not the snooty sort.

I like a good B movie, as much as any well directed, profound, Oscar-winner. And if I can gain encyclopedic knowledge of everything within, and bits outside of, that particular movie.. be still my heart!

Anywho.. that’s what I am up to this week; besides a lot of boring web-dev stuff that even I don’t care to repeat.

How’s your week?

Chelle Ellis
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