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Solitary Mason Wasp

My pet wasp is peeking above the citronella candle at me. I never knew I wanted a pet wasp but she moved into the pipes of my deck chair and we hit it off.

Apparently, she was looking for a date!

She’s a solitary mason wasp. Yes, she. I joined the solitary wasp enthusiasts group on Facebook to learn about her. This was after I joined the social wasp enthusiasts group and posted my ignorant questions, which earned me snarky retort and redirection to the solitary wasp enthusiasts group.

Oh, social media: you fickle, moody bitch! Or maybe it’s me.. it’s true, I don’t play well with others. Which is probably why I am talking to myself on this blog. So far, I’ve been kicked off the gardening and backyard chickens groups on Facebook for responding snarkily to snark. Kenny gets a kick out of this, especially since we’ve never had any chickens.

After finding my way to the right people, it turns out, she was making a nest and laying eggs in the pipe frame of my deck chair. But they assure me she is not territorial at all. If I sat on her, she might sting me, so I’ll make sure not to do that.

So far, we are pals!

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