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Porch Plantapalooza

We started Spring 2022, sprinting out of the gate… and that was at least ten nursery trips ago. By early Summer, we’ve gone completely insane and now live in a giant terrarium! 🤪

I think it was a Saturday afternoon in March, when I mentioned to Kenny that we should visit our local nursery and pick out two hanging baskets, to set in the big planters that face the street. I decided there was so much green in the front wall of bushes already, and I wanted color. Flowering plants! No more ferns!

In that trip we chose more than two measly plants.. we are responsible consumers, after all. Yet, we maintained a conservative approach, only buying enough extra plants to fill three large, hanging baskets.. They seemed so sad and empty.

And I started to understand that plants equal happiness, which is a dangerous notion. I have walked the streets of plant addiction before, and it’s an all consuming drive!

Consistently, I was spending more of my time on the porch, gazing at my beautiful green babies. 😍 Human relationships? Who needs those, when Mother Nature is humming in your ears!

It was around that time that my BFF, Dana, left her Boston ferns with me to babysit, while she was out of town.

Oops! A leaf fell off one.. so I poked the broken end into the dirt of a hanging basket and it rooted!

YAY! Free plant! 🎉

Except nothing is ever “free” when it comes to gardening. House plants take up more space and time than… spacetime!

Then my sister, Margo, sent me a planter to lift my spirits, one day. So I had to mix up more cactus soil.. and why go to the trouble of a little, when you can put together a metric ton! 🌿

I hope you are beginning to understand the constant encouragement I was receiving from the universe to grow more plants.

If I am anything, it’s obedient… and the swan song of succulents sweetly called out my name, refusing to be deafened. 🥰

Do you know how many succulent plants exist? At least five trillion! I am well on my way to owning half of them.

I feel I should testify:

Roughly five years ago, I acquired and nurtured more than 50 orchids. FIFTY!

Then we bought Sadie and life went berserk! Plants were neglected to make room for moving, home restoration, and house flipping responsibilities.

We were beyond stressed already, then Covid came into our lives! You know, you were there.

So I guess I am healing from all that this year with my little green buddies.. they are so rewarding! ❤️

And if you don’t believe me, get this: I broke a moth orchid (Phalaenopsis).. placed the broken part upside down in a pot and sprayed it every other day..

It freakin’ ROOTED. That’s like being softly cuddled and kissed on the forehead by nature!

“There, there.. that’s a good girl!”

Good thing we are having our solarium built this Fall!

While we were spending all our time on the porch, Kenny shot a video of our porch stray cat, Spooky, being chased by a mockingbird. 🤣

It’s okay to laugh, she’s fine.. and maybe a little smarter! 😺

Also, don’t worry that Spooky eats up all the wild birds.. she’s fed very well by us; and in general, pretty lazy! We tried to coax her inside the house a few weeks back, but she went bonkers in the front door curtains trying to tear her way outside, until we let her back out. She is REAL sure she wants to live outside.. but we do trick her into the crate once a year to get her checkup, shots, and meds at the vet. And she LIVES on Kenny’s lap when he’s on the porch, so he’s able to keep her treated for fleas, ticks and mites.

Maybe one day she will choose to retire and be an inside kitty.. until then we keep her food, water, shelter and medical care top notch for her. 🐈

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