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We have a closet in our guest bedroom we turned into a library. It has high ceilings so we are also putting a lot of our art stuff around the book cases.

We brought the bookcases and the leather sofa down and put them on the landing at the top of the stairs, but that just wasn’t working. So we moved it all into the nearby bedroom and extra closet area. It’s much better there. Kind of a cool little nook.

I’m having hernia surgery on July 25th, so our sons, Dustin, Clayton, and our son-in-law, Tom, moved all this furniture up the stairs. There was no way I was calling them to help me carry it back down! ? As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention!

I’ll have to brag on Chelle. This is without a doubt her best FB Marketplace deal ever at $125! It’s a Bob Timberlake solid cherry entertainment center/wardrobe and it’s in excellent condition. We bought it from a lady in Germantown. When we got there, we found out it was upstairs. Arghhh! It weighs a ton, even in two pieces. It took her husband and me an hour to wrestle it down those stairs. It took me and 3 strapping sons with a dolly to get it up the stairs and turn the landing down here without scraping walls and banisters. But it looks great in there and matches our other Bob Timberlake furniture.

Kenny Ellis

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