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The ugly papered over cracked plaster ceiling is covered.


Skim coated the walls in the breakfast nook this morning after we removed the old wall paper.

The ugly papered over cracked plaster ceiling is covered. Now I just need to paint it and install the chandelier.

I’ve been wanting to paint it for a week but things keep popping up, I have to do first. Chelle bought us a Murano blown glass chandelier for the entry and I just couldn’t stand the thought of hanging it on the old ceiling the way it was.

I have a little extra time, since two pieces of the chandelier arrived broken and we are waiting for those replacements.

I’m only painting the ceiling. I hired the sheetrock out. I finished a small ceiling smooth once. About 1/6th this size. It took me a week of mudding and sanding. These 3 guys, very minimal sanding and done in two days.

Now on to installing a garbage disposal. I don’t know how people manage without one.

Update: November 11, 2017

All painted and ready for the chandelier!

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