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Sadie is over 135 years old so she has seen quite a few snowfalls in her days! Here she is in 2021 with all of us bunkered in for snow and sleet until Saturday or Sunday.

It’s so quiet outside and of course, cold! Time to make more soup!

The people we bought the house from had this PVC pipe with a faucet nozzle on the end of it for our front outside water faucet. It survived for the last three years but the deep freeze we had froze the pipe and it burst. Of course we didn’t realize that until it thawed and became a geyser.

I installed a freeze proof faucet and poured a pad. The bucket in the hole is to hold pea gravel that acts as a drain field for the faucet water in the pipe when you shut the nozzle off.

I used the top of the bucket I cut off to make a hose reel for this cheap hose I had.

Now we shouldn’t have any problems with it.

Kenny Ellis

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On September 6, 2017, we bought a 134+ year old Colonial Revival Eclectic known locally in Coldwater, Mississippi, as Ms. Sadie’s Place. We aren’t sure of the age of the house yet; there are old photos dating back to 1883, when she was a much smaller but established version of herself. In 1942, she was moved a mile South, along with the rest of the town of Coldwater (including a massive church) to make way for the Arkabutla Reservoir, built by the WPA in response to the Great…



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