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Kenny Ellis

Kenny Ellis
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FloorsKenny's BlogRestorationSouthaven

Removing Mastic

Removing old mastic glue and chunks of old parquet flooring from the slab with an air chisel before installing new laminated floor in the den in our 1961 ranch house in Southaven. Ugh! Quite a chore! If you can get...

ColdwaterKenny's BlogNature

Gold Finches

Gold Finches are visiting. There were two pair trying to eat at feeder, along with house finch, cardinals, and a junco all at one time. I couldn’t manage to get them all in a single picture....

ElectronicsKenny's Blog

Homemade Antenna

Put up my homemade antenna on my shop and I'm getting 35 digital channels! Memphis, and MS public broadcasting from Oxford. Not too shabby! Here are extensive instructions for the Hoveman antenna I made:https://www.hamradio.me/antennas/superbowl-dtv-antenna.html This just shows the dimensions on...

HumorKenny's BlogWelding

Tanks A Lot!

I found this in my old shed while rebuilding the floor. I kind of feel like I dug up a WWII bomb in the back yard and now I'm stuck with it. Does anyone know how to dispose of one...

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