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Main Board TV Repair

Trying to repair my 47” Vizio TV. I think the main board is bad. It’s about 8 years old but was a $1500 TV when I bought it. I can get a new main board for $130. I think a new 50″ would run me.. maybe $500 at least. If I can repair it for $130 it’s worth the cost.

Playing the odds here, but there are no mechanical moving parts that just wear out. It’s all electronics, printed circuit boards, and components. So parts don’t just wear out. Something causes it to go out, like power surges or lightening strikes. The odds of that happening with a new one are just as great as an old one. I’ve still got some diagnostics to do before I get another board, to confirm this one is bad. If it doesn’t work then…. ya’ll will never hear about it! ?

There are tons of video tutorials at shopjimmy.com to help me with this process.

On strictly inspection, there are no apparent bad capacitors. I’m getting 5 volts on the stand-by power pins with the main board unplugged which leads me to the conclusion that the issue is with the main board and not the power supply.

Update: May 23, 2019

Got my main board in and installed in the TV. She booted right up! $130

Note To Self: Not only is it important to label where your screws go, it’s important to label the part you made up a name for… where these two tiny screws go.. WTF is a Component Panel?? I don’t know. I made it up. The bad part is, it’s inside the cover. Which I’ve already attached. With about 30 odd screws. I’ll figure it out tomorrow…

I figured it out: I took the cover back off and poured over the inside but couldn’t spot a missing screw. I finally held the cover up and looked through the underside at the lights until I spotted two tiny holes. They go on the outside. ;-[

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