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It’s never boring being married Kenny. We renewed and transferred two car tags to our new county today. They were gonna charge $2 per tag to be paid via debit card, until Kenny remembered a hundred dollar bill in his wallet, thereby saving us $4. The clerk took the bill and marked it with a counterfeit marker, then gave him change. Kenny then asked the clerk for her marker, and tested all the bills she gave him back in change. ?

It’s good to laugh because we recently worked like DOGS putting up a hurricane fence between the 3 inside dogs and our big German Shepherd, Greta. We’d hoped to create a peace and love canine community, but Greta had other notions and wanted to eat Louise’s dog, Scooter. Don’t worry about Greta though, she sleeps in the comfort of the climate controlled workshop when she isn’t guarding the backyard.

ALSO: Our friends from Chicago visited us at the end of February and brought us a box of snow! It’s like regular snow…with an attitude.

Chelle Ellis

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