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New Sister Smell

Back in November 2018, I learned that I have a new sister, on my Dad’s side, through a DNA test from Ancestry.com.

Her name is Margo, and she jokes that she has heard the term “new sister” so much lately, that she thinks she probably has that new sister smell. Oh we are definitely related, check out that dark humor! 😀

In case you were worried about my poor mother, don’t! She wasn’t married to my father, when my sister came to be.. and as far as we can tell, our dad wasn’t aware of her existence. We can’t know that for sure, since he died at the end of 1999. But mostly, I regret that Margo, Dad, and my deceased sister, Iris, weren’t able to meet.

She and her husband, Ricky, came to visit us at the end of March. My brother, Travis, came up and we all had a wonderful time getting to know each other and bonding over good food and dark humor!

I look so forward to spending time with my new sister, even after she loses her new sister smell!

Margo, Travis & I Left Our Sentiments To Iris Above Her Toddler Model Photo On My Studio Wall


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