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Weird Grandkids

We were dubbed “Weird Gramma and Pappaw” or more simply now, “The Weirds”, by our oldest grandson, Gabriel. Now all the grandkids call us this, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my label!

Coffee Cups Given To Us By Weird Grankids For Christmas 2019

All the grandkids (Gabriel, Isabel & Isla) fall under the umbrella of Weird Grandkids, because the apple don’t fall far from the tree!

Kenny’s mom, Louise, who lives with us, is “Old Grammaw”.

How wonderfully weird life is with these people who share it with me.

This is one of the awesome assets of having reversed the usual downsizing plan of retirement. We have plenty of space for these guys to grow up and romp around in.

Life is great!

Gabe On Trombone – 2019 Christmas Concert
Izzee & Gabe Enjoying Their Pool – June 2019

So at this point, I’ll be randomly adding photos of my weird grandkids below, including our 2020 weird grandbaby:

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