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Coffee & Bird Watching

Lots of Cardinals! Many immature ones. Also a Carolina Chickadee, picking bugs off the JuJube tree.

Butt’s on the grill! Put a few apple wood chunks from our apple tree on the coals. It’s smelling really sweet now!

It’s after noon now. Think I’ll put a touch of OC in my lime tea and put on some tunes. Yep! It’s a lovely day!

It’s been a great day on the back deck! The sun is sinking, the beer is cold, the butt is resting on the stove while the beans are baking, and me and the pup’s are chillin’ on the porch with Norah Jones. Thank you Lord.. Mother Nature… Buddah… Mohammed.. Flying Spaghetti Monster… who ever is responsible… .I ‘preciate ya! Take it away Norah…

Update: February 2, 2018

I cleaned up some of the brush obstructing our backyard view.

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