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I just now remembered, because I fell back asleep afterwards this morning:

The alarm on Google Mini went off at full volume at 7 am, and Kenny got up and whispered to keep from waking me,

“Hey Google, shut up”.

It kept going so he moved closer to it and whispered again.

So it’s at that moment when he’s trying to be all quiet it booms,

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with our service!”


Whispered, “One.”

I chuckled and went back to sleep. My sweetie tries so hard to make sure I get my rest. ???

Update: February 21, 2021

by Kenny:

I woke up at 2:14 a.m. to the sound of what I thought were crickets chirping. It had to be loud to be heard over the air purifier we run in the bedroom. I thought it was odd for this time of year. I got up and went out on the back deck, and it was quiet outside. I threw the rope to my relentless dog a few times, scratched her head, and went back inside having forgotten all about the crickets.

When I walked back in the bedroom I heard it again. As I was next to a cabinet when first walking into the room, I leaned over and listened closely, trying to locate the source and suddenly thinking, crickets are hatching out somewhere in here! This was not a single cricket mind you, but a full on summertime cricket cacophony.

I moved from the cabinet to Chelle’s closet as I moved around the room, leaning and listening at every object, with my best ear. Was it getting louder? Yes! I think it is!

As I came to the sofa on the rear wall, my thoughts were “wtf?! We’ve got a herd of crickets reproducing in our couch!” The bug man had just visited last week for our quarterly whole house spraying, so this was perplexing. As I moved past the couch to a little lamp table next to it, the chirping was definitely louder.

AHA! I’m getting closer! I leaned my ear right down to the table top, which is covered with an assortment of…. stuff, and practically put my ear directly on the source. Our Google Home Mini was broadcasting crickets at 2:14 A.M.!

What in the hell Google?!


Crickets exterminated!

Goodnight all!

Chelle Ellis

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