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Christmas 2019

It’s starting to feel like Christmas ?

My “new” sister, Margo, is coming here for Christmas and our brother, Travis, will be following about a week later. Margo’s husband, Ricky, is cooking a corned ham for us this Christmas so we will finally know what that’s all about!

I wanted to be sure that our house looked like a Christmas bomb went off in it, for the family festivities!

ALSO: On Christmas Day, Margo got a wrist tattoo like the one I got for Iris while I was in New Orleans, on my birthday.

Mine kind of looks like I impatiently decided to get a tattoo NOW! while walking through Frenchman’s after a few cocktails, which is completely accurate. In that state I decided on yellow accents, because – GEAUX SAINTS! WHO DAT?! – while hers was more thoughtful towards Irises favorite iris color, purple.

Being a Yankee, she wasn’t familiar with the whole fleur de lis thing, and says it kind of looks like corn. So now we joke that mine is field corn and hers, Indian.

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