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It’s starting to feel like Christmas ?

My “new” sister, Margo, is coming here for Christmas and our brother, Travis, will be following about a week later. Margo’s husband, Ricky, is cooking a corned ham for us this Christmas so we will finally know what that’s all about!

I wanted to be sure that our house looked like a Christmas bomb went off in it, for the family festivities!

ALSO: On Christmas Day, Margo got a wrist tattoo like the one I got for Iris while I was in New Orleans, on my birthday.

Mine kind of looks like I impatiently decided to get a tattoo NOW! while walking through Frenchman’s after a few cocktails, which is completely accurate. In that state I decided on yellow accents, because – GEAUX SAINTS! WHO DAT?! – while hers was more thoughtful towards Irises favorite iris color, purple.

Being a Yankee, she wasn’t familiar with the whole fleur de lis thing, and says it kind of looks like corn. So now we joke that mine is field corn and hers, Indian.

Chelle Ellis

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