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I painted the medallion for the newly painted foyer ceiling.. twice! My first attempt was lighter green with gold, but I decided I needed more color value to keep it from clashing against the connecting green parlor. My second attempt produced a deeper green with copper ceiling medallion that will look perfect with the yellow Murano blown glass chandelier.

I sneaked behind Kenny’s back and special ordered the chandelier a week before we closed on the house, as I was led to believe it would take months to arrive. Two weeks later, I received the chandelier.. from Italy!

So now, I have finished two of the three ceiling medallions for the foyer, parlor and formal-dining-room- turned-front-bedroom. We just aren’t formal dining room folk, and that room will be occupied by my 85 year old mother-in-law, heretofore known as Louise.

And for those of you who are physically hurting from the thought of us not using the room as a formal dining room, consider that your desires could cause an 85 year old woman to plummet to her death down the stairs, if we were to put her in one of those bedrooms. That has to help you, right? 🙂

The first medallion was installed (by Kenny) above the chandelier that we bought from Cristalleria Murano for the foyer. When I ordered the chandelier I had them change the gold hardware to silver (the nerve I have to second guess an artist!) because I knew if the gold hardware looked brassy or cheap in any way, I would be tortured into eternity. They took my changes well and offered the option of chrome. There was not a matte silver option (I asked) but the chrome isn’t overly shiny and parts are even brushed, so I am very happy with my decision to be audacious that day. 😀

I ordered it early because I knew it would have to be made, then shipped from Italy, and thought it would take at least a month. As I explained earlier, it arrived in less than three weeks, while also very well packed and carefully crated! Most arrived in tact except for one blown-glass shade, which the company replaced immediately (even though I didn’t open the box for a month while we were dry-walling our ceiling). Something told me to open it immediately, and I really should have since normally Cristalleria Murano requires notice of damage within ten days of receipt of shipment. But we were just about to drywall the foyer ceiling when it arrived and I was worried it would get damaged in the chaos, so I left it unopened in an undisturbed corner until all was clear.

My heart sank when I saw the broken piece! :((( But I was so relieved that they replaced it free of charge when I explained to them I didn’t expect to receive the chandelier until their projected date of delivery, and therefore, wasn’t ready to unpack it safely. How can you really complain about a company that sends their product faster than expected. You just can’t! Thank you Cristalleria Murano!

Kenny assembled the chandelier while I warned him every five minutes that if he broke a piece in the process, (a real fear considering glass parts were put in place from a ladder, 12 feet above the ground!!) Coldwater would suffer a flood from the river of tears I would cry!! :(.., The Great Mississippi River Flood, a puddle by comparison!


If you would like to recreate these medallions, you will need the following materials: 

Ekena Millwork CM17RO 18-Inch OD x 3 1/2-Inch ID x 1 1/2-Inch Rotherham Ceiling Medallion
Ekena Millwork CM15LI 15 3/8-Inch OD x 7-Inch ID x 1-Inch Lisbon Ceiling Medallion

Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 Ounces-Citrine
Jacquard Products Lumiere Fabric Paint 2 Oz. Jar: Metallic Olive Green
Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 Ounces-Bright Gold
Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 Ounces-True Gold
Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 Ounces-Metallic Silver
Jacquard Products Lumiere Fabric Paint 2 Oz. Jar: Metallic Bronze

Xubox Pointed-Round Paintbrush Set, 10 Pieces Nylon Hair Artist Detail
Parlor Medallion
Foyer Medallion

These medallions come in a very stark white color (which you could totally use without paint against a white ceiling and be great) and the paints are somewhat glazed: which is great for perfecting your brushstrokes before total commitment, but not so great for quick coverage.  Expect to cover your medallion in at least three coats of your base coat.

I wanted some dimension in my base coat, so I started with a total coverage of Lumiere 542 Citrine then added Lumiere 562 Metallic Olive Green in the concave parts of the medallion I knew would stay green.  I added a light coat of Lumiere 552 Bright Gold to the raised inner ring on both medallions and the outer ring of the parlor medallion to keep a nice representation of chartreuse on both rings without going crazy.  I love chartreuse, but the green paint in the parlor is period, and I didn’t want to:

  • Change the existing wall color that looks great and respects the history
  • Create a clashing of greens just because I love chartreuse.

After my base color was established, I then made decisions to add different colors to give the medallions further depth. I’ve seen a lot of medallions with one flat base color followed by one glazed relief color. And that’s fine. But I wanted more complexity in my medallions. I also wanted them to coordinate with each other since they will be in the front three rooms of the house and adding silver, gold and bronze gave me the freedom to go wherever I wanted with the formal-dining-room-turned-bedroom, which is a period color in rose.

I wanted lots of green in the foyer medallion to represent the ground and first green leaves of Spring, especially daffodils, as those are the blown glass flowers hanging below in the chandelier. I also wanted green represented in the parlor medallion to restate the walls. As there is soooo much gold in the room, (gold was was established and built on with the light fixture that absolutely stays since it is the only light fixture original to the house) I wanted to use very little gold and silver tones in the medallion and play on more bronze elements to bring the wattage down somewhat. The parlor medallion is round and there is a very real danger when using the color green to start looking like a Christmas wreath. So while I did use a band of green, I used bronze on the simpler wide bands to pull it back into the other 364 days of the year.

Within the green parts of the parlor medallion I painted raised details in Lumiere 550 True Gold, Lumiere 565 Metallic Bronze, with much smaller representations of Lumiere 563 Metallic Silver and Lumiere 552 Bright Gold. Keeping the lighter colors minimal helped keep the Lumiere Metallic paints from looking too bling-y. On a small scale, the Lumiere 563 Metallic Silver almost resembles pearls. :)))

These paints are pretty forgiving and the medallions can withstand light sanding, so you should be able to proceed with your project in confidence that you can paint or lightly sand and repaint any mistakes away. Use your finest brush for detail and touch-ups at the end.

Chelle Ellis

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