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Kenny & Chelle Ellis – Family

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Everleigh Ann Ellis

Our new granddaughter arrived today at 1:46 p.m., weighing in at 3 lbs, 14 oz, and is an hour old right now. Introducing: Everleigh Ann Ellis She’s a tiny little girl and will be in NICU for a couple of...

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New Sister Smell

Back in November 2018, I learned that I have a new sister, on my Dad's side, through a DNA test from Ancestry.com. Her name is Margo, and she jokes that she has heard the term "new sister" so much lately,...

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So excited! The cat tree arrived yesterday for us to install so Sophie, our 18-1/2 year old Siamese, can officially ignore it. I knew to install the thing next to the vent, since Sophie has always been a heat seeker....

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Mom & The Memphis Sound

After being laid off when RCA closed it’s television manufacturing plant in Memphis, and moved to Taiwan, my mom, Sarah Bond, went to work for a small local electronics company called Audiotronics. Audiotronics built state of the art mixing boards...

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