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Sadie’s Old House – Humor

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Polyurethane on Hardwood Floors: Part 2

Finally finished the repair and refinish job in the Southaven house. Last coat of poly yesterday. Here is the “finished” product. Can’t even tell where I filled the 10” gap down the center of the largest room. I learned a...

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Rebuilding The Blog

We bought our beloved house on September 6, 2017, and it feels like we have been moving, restoring and improving every day since, with no end in sight. She was originally built prior to 1883, then moved a mile South...

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Don’t Bug Me!

I just now remembered, because I fell back asleep afterwards this morning: The alarm on Google Mini went off at full volume at 7 am, and Kenny got up and whispered to keep from waking me, “Hey Google, shut up”....

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Tanks A Lot!

I found this in my old shed while rebuilding the floor. I kind of feel like I dug up a WWII bomb in the back yard and now I'm stuck with it. Does anyone know how to dispose of one...

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So excited! The cat tree arrived yesterday for us to install so Sophie, our 18-1/2 year old Siamese, can officially ignore it. I knew to install the thing next to the vent, since Sophie has always been a heat seeker....

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