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Sadie’s Old House – Humor

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So excited! The cat tree arrived yesterday for us to install so Sophie, our 18-1/2 year old Siamese, can officially ignore it. I knew to install the thing next to the vent, since Sophie has always been a heat seeker....

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Citizen Schuety Balsac

I remember filling something out months ago, I thought might incur some junk mail, so as a quick indicator for me to drop it directly in the trash. I listed my name as “Schuety Balsac”. I didn’t think they’d take...

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Mooshie Monster

The ruthless dictator has claimed all three beds this morning. I suppose she's really more of an empress. A dictatorship implies that at some point she had a group supporting her take-over. She stared right through me just daring me...

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2017 Coldwater Christmas Parade

Live at the Coldwater Christmas Parade from our front porch. This should only take a minute.... 2017 Coldwater Christmas Parade https://www.facebook.com/pukachelle/videos/10215588119762092/ https://www.facebook.com/pukachelle/videos/10215588119922096/ https://www.facebook.com/pukachelle/videos/10215588120002098/...

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Hay, STOP!

Standing on the front porch and watched as this roll of hay rolled off dudes trailer, took out the trash can, and the end of the neighbors fence. No one was home. The driver left to get his tractor. I...

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