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Frankenlamp: Table Bridge Lamp

I’ve been wanting an old table/desk bridge lamp with jadeite for a couple of years now, but I haven’t been able to find one that won’t break the bank. In June 2019, I found and bought an old floor bridge lamp with a damaged and painted jadeite ball, but I haven’t stripped it yet. Because: LIFE.

Anywho.. that’s a future project, but I couldn’t quell my obsession about the table bridge lamp until I dealt with it.. and because I can’t poop cash, I made one. I already had the old heavy lamp base and an Art Nouveau Schneider French pate de verre shade on hand (and if ever there was a red flag, this is it: who in their right mind has a toe-crushing lamp base and French glass paste shade, on HAND?!) so I bought old lamp stems, bridge and jade spacer parts to make my newest Frankenlamp.

Eventually, I might paint everything to be matchy-matchy but right now, I am really liking the different colors in the metals. It speaks the the metalsmith in me.

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