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Polyurethane on Hardwood Floors: Part 1

We have returned to the Southaven house to continue work on the floors to get the place ready to put up for sale. It’s been a long Covid-19 year filled with much Covid-19 drama, that I won’t bore you with.. because we all know that life right now.

Earlier this week, Kenny went over all the floors with three grades of sandpaper on a rented square buff floor sander, which really made the difference in a final uniform sanding with a fine finish. After vacuuming up all the sanding dust, he added mineral spirits to a old towel attached to our Oreck buffer and cleaned all remaining particles for the next step of adding the first layer of polyurethane.

The first layer of poly was stressful as he had never done it before, so I was on standby in case he needed anything.. and he did, about thirty minutes into the process. He was dripping sweat drops onto the floor and summoned a sweat-band. Since I couldn’t time travel back to the 1970’s, I started desperately looking for anything that might substitute, and while looking through drawers… I came across my “drawers”: your standard cotton blend without sexy embellishments (because FFS, this is serious! 😂).

Yeap! I rolled up a pair of my panties and jammed Kenny’s head through the leg holes.


It worked, no more danger of sweat beads dripping in the poly.. and calmed the nerves of my Kenny for another five minutes or so until the next emergency was determined. He got through it, nerves settled and then spent the remainder of the time agreeing with me that it looks great and really was the way to go.


If you listen to me, and agree with me, you will be right, too!

I have known this would look amazing and was the right way to go for a year and a half. But as is our normal routine, I have to wait for my Kenny to stop freaking himself out of the process and overcome his perfectionism to get in there and go for it!

And it always turns out perfect.

Today, he will be screen sanding the first poly layer to add the second and those results will be added, along with the final reveal after everything is finished. He will be adding a much more detailed post to his blog so you will know what tools, materials, (panties), etc. to plan ahead for.

A giant thank you to my Kenny for all the work he has done this week, refinishing these floors so we didn’t have to spend big money to make the floors super tempting to any future buyers. Would it have been easier to put down new carpet? Sure! But people seem to hate carpet these days, so why go into debt on something that won’t help to sell the place and would probably be ripped out, nearly immediately.

I can’t wait to get my custom blinds and curtains, and doors and trim reinstalled in these rooms, so it can feel more like a house again, and less of a construction zone!

Polyurethane on Hardwood Floors: Part 2

Past Work on the Southaven Hardwood Floors:

After the second coat, the floors will have to be left to cure for two weeks, with only light, clean-sock foot-traffic after 12 hours. In that spirit, enjoy this song and video I loved to roller skate to, as a teenager!

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