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Solarium Slated for Fall 2022!

Picture Window & Transom

A lot has happened in the past six months towards freedom and momentum for long awaited improvements on Sadie. Kenny had both of his hips replaced in September and December of 2021, respectively. This time last year, he started having trouble with back pain, and even walking, so we were really worried what might be going on. He’s still got some recovery ahead, but he is improved enough that we are hopeful.

So this Fall we are slated to have the enclosed porch torn down to the studs to be renovated. This won’t be a restoration: we would rather have an enclosed solarium, than what was originally a screened-in porch. But for all you porch lovers, there WILL be a newly built screened-in porch, directly off the solarium.

Oooh, I can’t wait! 🥰

So here are photos of the enclosed porch as it was when we bought the house:

The enclosed porch has a drop ceiling (when it was used as an insurance office) that will be removed, exposing two to three additional feet of height, and the original bead board ceilings. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

We will also tear the walls out to the studs, as there is water damage from before we replaced the old flat roof. The room will change drastically, as we will be:

  1. Replacing the single door on the front end of the house with a giant, wall-sized picture window with transom, that we salvaged from a renovation of Kenny’s niece’s (Erin) past house (see below).
  2. Replacing the single door on the back end of the house with French doors that will lead onto a large newly built screened in porch with hot tub.
  3. Filling the long outside wall with very large new windows to create our solarium.
  4. Replacing the floor with black and white hex and dot tile.
  5. Installing a stained glass chandelier and matching ceiling fan, given to us after our friends, Oscar and Heather, updated lighting in their home.
Picture Window & Transom

I can already see the end result in my mind, and I am dying of impatience! Alas, we must wait. Great contractors come with a queue and ours is Kenny’s nephew, Brian… and well worth the wait!

UPDATE: Fall 2022

Solarium plans have been shelved for this year, due to illness within the crew of our favorite contractors. Get well soon, here’s hoping for a better 2023!

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