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Sadie’s Old House – Humor

ColdwaterHumorKenny's Blog

I Love These Church Bells

I love these church bells. But I wish... just every once in a while...after the intro gong...they’d break out with a rousing rendition of Hell’s Bells. https://www.facebook.com/slydog1227/videos/10213385618542205/...

HumorKenny's Blog

I took a bath last night.

Yeah I know, but I'm retired, it was Tuesday, and these things occasionally happen. We had this idea to luxuriate at the same moment, but seeing as how we don't have a tub in this old house big enough for...

HumorKenny's Blog

I’m predicting a long hard winter.

Squirrels are furiously gathering acorn's. Hummingbird activity seemed diminished today. The climate is continuously wreaking havoc with hurricane activity and abnormal weather patterns are an everyday occurrence. All of that, but mostly, I've got an aching in my bones. Not...

ColdwaterHumorKenny's Blog

Gas & Electric

I had our gas and electric changed over on the phone. I went down to Coldwater city hall last Friday to have the water changed to our name, telling the clerk we had just bought the house. Clerk: "Do you...

HumorKenny's Blog

Washing Machine TV

We haven't brought a TV down yet, so I'm watching the new Samsung HE washer. https://www.facebook.com/slydog1227/videos/10213143328245099 It actually is making me nervous and apprehensive; like when you're on a carnival ride and dude that put it together is driving; with...

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